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FlightSimExpo 2018

Author Topic: Worldflight 2017 Donations now OPEN  (Read 370 times)

Offline Trevor Hale

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Worldflight 2017 Donations now OPEN
« on: October 04, 2017, 09:58:34 AM »

With 31 Days to go for the Start of Worldflight 2017, the Donation Page is up and running.  Everyone its time to get off your wallets and join Team USA and help raise some money for the kids at the hospital that need our help.  The hospital doesn't bill families when they Leave...  Everything is covered so they can concentrate on helping the kids feel better.

Please if not today, make sure you help to support the kids and our Charity..  Regardless of our ability to fly the routes or not, we need to do our part for the community and help the kids get better.

Everyone who donates will be recognized for their support, HERE, and at



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Trevor Hale


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Worldflight Team USA



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