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Author Topic: Boeing 737 overhead incl. locking switches  (Read 491 times)

Offline chiemhallo

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Boeing 737 overhead incl. locking switches
« on: March 07, 2017, 02:54:01 PM »

Due to our switch to OEM materials and units, our previous Opencockpits overhead is for sale. This is a Opencockpits FWD overhead panel, including locking (APEM) switches, and all hardware.

Please find below a list of everything attached to it.

This is a full set of Opencockpits panels in grey and light grey, with two “reserve” panels (fuel panel and a grey version of the pneumatic panel). We only miss the panel lighting (bright) display, but these are for sale with OC for €25,-

The switches are the locking type switches form APEM, which we’re bought through Simworld. The switches are including the white cap. There are 26 of them, with a new value of €473,- (receipt in our possesion)

Also the normale type switches were bought through Simworld, all the correct function and type like in the real one. These switches are equipped with the white slipover caps from FlyEngravity.

We have got an 90 degree rotary with the value of €10,30, for the correct function of the crossfeed valve.

We have bought 140 DZUS from Simworld (€84,70), and have included our own M4 bolts.

Rotaries, caps
All rotaries, caps and dimmers are there and bought at Opencockpits

All knobs, correct types, are bought with opencockpits, including the smaller black pushbuttons.

All annunciators are there, and made by Opencockpits.

The LEDs are the high bright, high quality leds from the aviationmegastore. Almost all LEDs are there, but it is incomplete. These LEDs are still for sale though.

The overhead is backlight by high bright LED strips from the back.

1 temperature gauge from OpenCockpits (servo type) is present.

A servo card from OC for the gauge is present, as well as 2 OC Master cards, 2 input cards, and 1 output card. This makes it easy to connect. Also, all the cables are present.

The new price of the overhead was around €2100,- which can be checked online. I can send you an excel file with all  the new prices.

Pickup can be done in Utrecht NL or Delft NL.

At extra costs we are willing to complete the overhead as “plug and play”

Kind regards,


Offline chiemhallo

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  • Posts: 7
  • First Name: Chiem
Re: Boeing 737 overhead incl. locking switches
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2017, 04:31:16 PM »


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