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My odd and ends pictures
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B737-800 a day later
This is the same picture on the following day. More small changes in the avionics. The flap gauge is there, trim and landing gear lights.
 Views: 276
May 20, 2015
Old 737
Here is one of the only shots I have of this sim. I built it from the stuff that Radcliffe had at his home. Later I built the overhead you see from parts purchased from FDS and used a couple different interfaces to make it all work. The base was a "pan" he purchased from PFC which had dual,  connect…
 Views: 220
May 21, 2015
Scale model
Here is the model we will use to create my shell in June. Oh is this going to be sweet!
 Views: 213
May 28, 2016
Here she is. All safe and sound back to me!
 Views: 212
Jun 03, 2015
After a day of hard work
Here is what I see out the "front window" after a day of work.
 Views: 208
May 14, 2016
This is my 737. I know that is not what I am supposed to be building but I can not seem to get away from the bird. It is all the MCP's fault. If it had not worked I would not have started down this dark road.  :laugh: Anyway in just a few days I have a flyable sim. I am back using Project Magenta as my av…
 Views: 201
May 19, 2015
Playing with my radios and getting things ready for several pretty big upgrades to the sim!
 Views: 191
Dec 06, 2015
Work space
I needed a little work space for the sim. Now I have it. Nice and cozy. Will come down fast as well if I need the space for other things.
 Views: 189
Jun 07, 2015
2x 50" monitors
Just got the second monitor setup tonight. Did the bezel correction and Shifted the center line to the pilot side a bit. Looks pretty good.
 Views: 176
May 12, 2016
Here she is. All safe and sound back to me!
 Views: 173
Jun 03, 2015
Day 6-13-2015
Just some clean up work that you will not even be able to see. But she sure flies nice!
 Views: 168
Jun 13, 2015
Testing DAL 209
Testing all the scenery that was installed.
 Views: 162
Nov 10, 2015
Here she is. All safe and sound back to me!
 Views: 158
Jun 03, 2015
Sim Moved
I moved the sim to it's own location and here are a couple of pics. Sorry for the quality. I will take better ones.
 Views: 146
May 30, 2015
Another shot
Another shot of the current state of the Sim...
 Views: 144
Apr 09, 2016
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