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Title: For Sale: Boeing 737 NG circuitbreaker cabinets + panels
Post by: Gallie on August 07, 2016, 06:09:57 PM
The items listed are not my personal items, i am selling this for a friend.

Items for sale:
- a few sets of original 737NG (yes NG) circuit breaker panels + cabinets. The cabinets WONT come with grimes utility lights or jumpseats. They are NOT availeble. Some CB panels have a little wear and tear. Examples: damage to placards or/and damage to the guards. Pictures are from an example set.
- the coat closet parts that are located behind the CPT cabinet. (pictures: IMG_0074 and 75)
- the trim pieces for the CB cabinets. (picture: IMG_0076)

NOTE: We aim to sell the closet + CB trim together with the CB panels as a set.
NOTE: The CPT cabinet will fit a real 737 classic shell with minor modifications, and mounts to the original floor location. The FO cabinet will probably do to. 

Pick-up is preferred. The CB cabinets will NOT be shipped!
The CB panels can be removed from the cabinets and shipped world wide (most likely 2 big boxes 10-15 KG each)
The closet + CB trim can be shipped world wide (probably 1 box below 10KG)
Shipping cost are for the buyer.

- Price for the CB panels with or without the cabinets = 300 euro's This is a very good price, classic CB panel sets are listed on ebay for >1000 usd.
- Price for the CB trim = 50 euro's
- Price for the closet parts = 50 euro's

These items are located in the Netherlands.
50km north of Amsterdam.

cash on pick-up, paypal or banktransfer. Buyer pays any additional paypal (3,4%) or bank costs.

Please send me a PM if you are interested or have any questions.

Thank you,