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Title: FSUIPC 5 Button Limitations
Post by: GyverX on February 18, 2019, 05:33:55 PM
Thanks for reading...

I am now in the process of planning out the purchasing of what I need for my Simpit. I would like to use Prepar3d (I do have X-Plane) with FSUIPC running my buttons.

I want to go the easy route with the inputs and I will be going with the Leo Bodnar BU0836X ( This will handle axis of the sim.

I want to use a couple, or a few BBI-64 ( to run the inputs for everything else.
I will have Arduino handle everything else.

Here is the question.
On the site it says "Please be aware that not all software supports more than 32 buttons. Check before ordering. For example FSUPIC does not support more than 32 buttons per input device." for the BBI-64 (
With FSUIPC 5 being 64bit, is this still the case?, or should I look at running the BBI-32 (

Thanks again