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Lua Plugin for sounds.


It is such an honor to be the first to post in the FSX Utilities forum.  I only hope I do it justice.

Just thought I'd share my latest find using FSUIPC's Lua Plugin facility (doesn't matter if this means nothing to you, just install it and enjoy).  Let me clarify that I'm not a programmer nor have any interest or skills in this area (my brother is a programmer and while I love him dearly, he is a very strange creature indeed!). 

I wanted to have a sound run when I deployed Speedbrakes but FSX doesn't have this as standard.  Some addons like PMDG have it coded into their aircraft but I use the Posky 777 and there's no sound associated with the Speedbrake.  So after looking around I found the Lua plugin associated with FSUIPC (which we all have, right?) and it can do just that and more.  Now the Speedbrake makes an awesome rumble whenever its deployed.  I took a standard sound file from FSX (cnroll3.wav) and gave it a 6db boost below 200hz and renamed it "spoiler.wav" and placed into the "FSX\Sounds" directory.  The lua plugin is loaded upon FSX start and detects when the aircraft is going faster than 65knots with the Speedbrakes up and then fires off the sound file.

I've attached the files for others who may be interested.  Just copy the lua file into the FSX\Modules folder and put the sound file into the FSX\Sounds folder.  All will appear upon Speedbrake deploy.



Thanks Ken,
Being offset challenged, I fully appreciate.

Trevor Hale:
You did it Justice :)  Fantastic contribution.  I am sure this will help many others with various problems like this.

Thanks Ken, this will help us a lot as we were having problems with the spoiler up/down indications. That is all fixed now with caution lights, so now we can have the bells and whistles as well! Many thanks for a great sound. Charlie.


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