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Hi Tyler,
How long will it be before we see the manual?.
Not trying to hurry you. I have had a play with the software and it would be good to see what
other things i can do. Always like to read the manual to get the best out of software.
Keep up the good work, looking forward to getting the board so i can experiment.

Tyler Reed:
I think the thing that the developer hates the most is writing the manual.  It just isn't any fun :D

I have started working on what I'm calling the support portal over on my website, and I'm going to write the manual for the software over there like a wiki, so it will be easier to update.

I have already started on it, so i imagine that by the end of this week some of the manual will be available and more as time goes.  The first part that I am working on is a more detailed part of the scripting language.  Even though I have plans for the next release of the software to include a wizard to help with the more common FSUIPC offsets, actually putting the code in yourself will allow you to use logic (If, Else, etc...) if you wish.

Ill make an update when the support portal is online.


Thanks,will look forward to it.


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