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Hey Guys
I have settled on a dash8-Q400 and have found a really good freeware model.
One thing it doesnt have is any systems.
I am not so much interested in a full system setup like PMDG aircraft but would like some stuff to work.
My question is, what controls the actual systems of an aircraft? the panel file, model or air files?

I am wondering if I could incorporate gauges from various aircraft into a separately but panel to give me what I want.
I have added things like a radar screen and pushback gauge.

I know there is a payware 400 coming out soon, and I dont mind paying for good software but wonder if it will be too much, I like to flick a few switches and then get in the air.

Any ideas?
thanks Dave

Trevor Hale:
Hi Dave.
The .MDL Model file is (The aircraft looks/shape)
The .AIR Air file is (How the aircraft flies/Performence)
The .PNL Panel file is (Just a graphic and locations of all the instruments)
The .GAU Gauge Files is where the magic happens.  Programmers can make a stand alone gauge (Ie Airspeed) that just takes information from Flightsim and displays it.
Complex programmers create gauges that interract with other gauges they create that makes a complete system and behavior with integrated logic.
Therefore, you can in some cases take instruments from other aircraft and try them in your panel but they may or may not work.  But for some real logic, your better off with finding something like PMDG or Project Magenta/Flightdeck software etc..  to create what you want.
My personal suggestion to you, is that you ask Dean (When acting as a wave) what software they use for their setup, and perhaps you can make that work with your dash 8.

There is another way and the possibilities are basically unlimited
Assuming you like to flip switches on a procedural basis, lets say to start from cold and dark and have different systems come alive one after the other.
1) you can in a first stage build the overhead with all switches, lights and gauges in the right place.

Then you can flip your switches as required and make airplane noises....which is not good enough I agree.

2) wire the whole thing  with a 5V power supply, so that things happen in a logical sequence, annunciators light up when the should and gauges move accordingly.
Ian was my inspiration at that and IT WORKS.
You will need, a good plan, some wire, diodes, toggles and a lot of ingenuity.

I agree with Trevor and Jack. In our case we needed an anologue DME display, a spoiler deployed light and a speed 250 kts warning. So I built it for the comet [lower left of the screen shot]. Now the idea is to get these back onto the panel of which 2 are done and 2 remain. It is really not that hard but depends on your MIP display [we are steam gauges - which is harder]. You also need to get it to work through FSUIPC or another control board. This is the one we use on the comet till they all become steam gauges/lights on the panel:

Thanks for the reply guys.
Trevor thanks that helps with a bit more of an understanding of the various files
Jack, I had pretty much the same idea you suggest. The ECIS is fairly average and there is no APU so will have a play around with some gauges on a separate panel and see what I can come up with.
cheers Dave


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