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Am building atr72 - coming along smoothly - though a bit slow at times
Using OC and Gauge composer
I've got the central engine instruments designed and working
but before I start the work - has any soul got a working Captains panel instruments for ATR in Gauge composer - or indeed for any other plane
- I have (and indeed use for flying) the Roberto G's glass cockpit (from atr72-500 project site) at present but these are written in yet another software language and so are not modifyable by me. Dont get me wrong Roberto's panel as great but some aspects not coded and I would like to continue working in a single system (the SIOC (OC) / IOCP (GC)  systems meld seamlessly and seem to have a dramatic improvement on frame rates over standard software.

I have a 1/2 size overhead mimic panel built and 1/2 fitted out and being used to confirm software quality as well as 1/2 size TQ mimic with micro switches as will be used in the full size item for same tests - all going great

Pics , if I may?

OK here goes

my engine gauges running on FSX against flight1 atr  (engine 2 started and at G.I.)
the numbers on left are just temp variables to help with gauge linearity tests

O/H mimic and T/q mimic

OC units


Oh god Mikeh... I just realised I forgot all about posting your CD's because I was feeling so crappy at the time.

Feeling better now so I'll post them tomorrow.

Sorry and all that (I have a mind like a sieve).

I've just finished paying for my panels for my ATR72 so will probably be getting them in a few weeks.

tks John - as before - if there is anything I can help you with - just let me know

and OOOPS forgot Roberto's main panel in C++


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