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PMDG 737NGX and FSUIPC Offsets

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Started making changes to the PMDG 737NGX aircraft.cfg and panel.cfg files to use it with the cockpit, and there are a lot of things that do not work.

Assuming that PMDG used the current FSUIPC coding, the Lights (all) do not function, the flap settings are not the same (they're working backwards), and anything to deal with outside animations does not work (that's not FSUIPC related, but thought it should be mentioned, because not sure if it's not working or just not animating ). Will be looking at the FSUIPC codes later today and see what's going on and how they should be changed.

On a different note the aircraft does handle well on the ground and in the air. So, it seems the flight model is a good one, but it's way too early to say how good it really is...

If you're finding items of discussion dealing with FSUIPC, can you please post what you find?

Thank you,


Jack already posted this link but here it is again with posts by Enrico as well about PMDG.

Interesting read


I would imagine that anyone using the NGX will need to wait for an SDK to be released from them to gain access to the internals.  I think well know weather the NGX is cockpit sim usable based on that, not FSUIPC.

Mike L

Bob Reed:
Well looks like, according to the link above, it does not work with PM and I am pretty sure, unless they team up with the other gauge folks, it won't work with any of them either. Remember all this stuff works on offsets, PMDG uses their own unpublished offsets.


Why in the world would you care about anything like animations and the such when inside the cockpit you should be looking forward not flying along beside it!   Just poking at you. :)

I had the flight model working great with Prosim with-in 30mins of owning it.   It flew it great!

Just need to figure out the landing lights and it would be fine.

They (pmdg) made it very clear anybody can have the SDK and it will be just like the Level D 767 as far as interfacing!!



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