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and another one...

Stef, also known as dnoize on other forums...

42 years old....behave like a 22 yr old i fit in with rhys and phil :-)

building a 737 and a cessna 172, real hours in a Grob, Cessna 172 and Pipers, never continued to make it to my PPL though....

I thought it would be cheaper to build a sim.....boy was i thinking of picking up my ppl again.

I think the 737 i'm building now is the 3rd or 4th....lost count....

havent been working on it for ages..... been too busy building for others :-/
Picking it up now working on various parts simultaneously (motorizing a real throttle, interfacing real columns, building my shell.

Part time team member of a vendor in this bizz.  Full time job next to that to make a living...LOL

I've seen quite a few names here i allready know...

now.....wheres the beer ;-)


Hey Stef,
Great to see ya, hope all is well with family. Looks like business is good. Nice to see. Glad to see you joined. Beers in the fridge lol service is on you though :)


Trevor Hale:
Wow..  welcome to all you guys...

Seems I have a small background image issue here to fix..  :)  OOPS... More hard work Tim..  I will get er fixed tomorrow I hope :)


Gooday All...........looks like I have seen a few of you chaps before !!
Regards................Brian W.

Hi all. Tim where's morry? Havent seen him post.
Anyway, brissydave here, hope you are all going well guys.

Trev, tim,stef, a big halloooo!

Trev, I should have read between the lines as per our emails:-)



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