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I'm Paul, 32 years old from South Carolina in the US.  I'm a newcomer to both and flight sim.  I just started my first cockpit build and while I've only managed to interface a single toggle switch using SimVim with the Zibo 737, I'm excited for my First  ;) build.  I've already received help and guidance from members that have set me on my way for a long, but fun build.  Very thankful for the site and it's knowledgeable members.


Hi to all.
My name's Marcin. I'm 37.5 years now ;) Came from Poland, but actually live in Northern Ireland. Brexit's on the way so don't know how it will be later...
Aviation is my hobby since I was a child. I was reading a lot of datasheets from many airplanes. Mostly military types.
Flying Sims are interesting for me, but through so many years I've managed to fly a little on "F-18 Interceptor" on Amiga 500, "Flight 727" on Commodore 64, couple of take-offs and landings in FW-190 & B-17 in "Warbirds" on P200MMX, and now take-offs, short flights and landings with trying to figure out gauges on desk of Beechcraft Baron and Learjet 45.
Also I've bought Saitek Yoke with throttle, USB Throttle and Rudder Pedals to expand my experience from simple joystick. Everything's connected to one PC with (as for now) one monitor. Small desk was already modified for this setup. Now I want to move forward and build generic simpit for twin engine airplane. It mustn't replicate any plane. The biggest inspiration for me with front panel is Polish airplane EM-11 Orka.
In this place was intended link to website with description, but unfortunately this website is saying about error 403 and attack of trojan (polish letters in link are on the way, I've checked it right now ;)
This airplane is beautiful for me. Too bad that no one created a model for FS9. I'd like to recreate most of cockpit as simpit. You're feeling like You're sitting in a car, not an airplane.
Also this simulator setup is intended for a child who's always saying that she'll be a pilot :) and for me to enjoy a little free time.
What else I can add about myself?
I'm a fan of an old computers (Commodore 64, Amiga with OCS/ECS Chipset, ZX Evolution, Spectrum Sprinter, IBM PC XT Clones and too much more to mention that I'll pass with it ;) ).
I'm adding two photos of this small desk without and with front panel mockup. Now I'm waiting for more free time to start making measurements and cutting components from junk which I have (cutting costs are the most important ;)

Trevor Hale:
Welcome to the group Marcin.  Thanks for joining..   I like your setup so far.


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