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FSRaas 2.0 and widefs


Carlos Hermida:
Hi for all,

Does anyone was able to run FSRaas in a network PC with widefs?
Can't make sounds to play in this way...only plays if it runs in my FSX PC...
Anyone knows if it is posible to solve this ?

Thanks in advance,

I think you would need to have that pc connected to FSX via SimConnect and not just WideFS, but that is just a guess on my part.


Carlos Hermida:
Hum...good idea Maurice, didn't thought on this posibility...

Hi guys,

In a couple of weeks, according to their website, he will release the payware version.   :)
Might be LAN compatible.


Carlos Hermida:
Thank you for the news about FSRaas, Bjorn !!!
That's exactly what we really need for our sims... :D


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