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WidevieW Computers and Teamspeak

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Boeing Skunk Works:
Would I be able to run teamspeak and other IVAO software on a Wideview client and still show up on radar? Do I need Wide FS to do this? If so, how does that work while Wideview is running?

I do not want to run the IVAO and Teamspeak software on the Wideview server as it's being taxed enough as it is.

Is the transponder ID going to be a problem or will it read from the WV server?

Trevor Hale:
Hey Mike, If IVAO is similar to Vatsim, you will be able to run it on a computer that runs "Wideclient"

Remember Wideview is a software written by Luciano and WideFS/Wide Client is written by Peter D. 

You can program a Joystick keypress on your yoke to PTT through widefs to the Wideclient machine to transmit on Teamspeak.

As far as showing up on radar, (Absolutely) your position data would be transfered to the fs machine through WideFS.

The only thing that runs on your Main Flightsim Computer is WideFS (Server) does not effect performance whatsoever.


Boeing Skunk Works:
Thanks for the reply Trevor. I was just over at the IVAO site to check on their software and apparently they are now using Squawkbox like VATSIM instead of Teamspeak.

Don't know when they decided that, but I liked SB better than TS anyway.

I'll have to do some further investigating of these programs to run this on a client. I'm trying to preserve the cockpit sound and not cut it off by plugging in a headset into the server computer.

What's the difference between Wide Client and Wide FS?

Trevor Hale:
The Program is called WideFS and in the program is (Wideserver, and Wide Client)  Wideserver installs on the Flightsim computer and Wideclient goes on any computer you want to run fs utilities on.

When you register FSUIPC, you can also register WideFS.   Or you can do it seperatly.  Let me know if you need a hand setting it up, and I will help ya.


Boeing Skunk Works:
I just read the manual for WideFS and it's not for a computer already running a copy of FS. He states that's what Wideview is for. He doesn't caution against attempting it or what the consequences may be, but it doesn't sound like it's compatible on the main FS server or clients for Wideview.

I wonder since the Wideview clients follow the server, if I couldn't just install the SB and IVAO software on a client and see what happens. If that works I can just run communications from a client.


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