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Trouble posting pics


Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble posting pictures? Just trying to work out if the problem is my end or not.  Every time I try, I get a message saying "server error".


Trevor Hale:
Hi Karl, you should have PM'ed me, I didn't see this until now.  Pics and or movies have to be less then 100MB and to be honest I doubt it will even work at that size. (Thats probably not your issue, but in case it is I thought I should let you know.

The real solution could be the album you are uploading them too.  Make sure you have selected an album you have access to.  Like one you have created or something, let me know and I can help you as best as I can, but I know for a fact that everything is working as it is supposed to be LOL.  :2cw:


Trevor Hale:
This issue is now Fixed,  As for the other issue I caused by trying to sort all of this out..  I may have totally messed up the gallery.


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