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Hello World Flight Team USA!

Welcome on board! I just saw your posts here concerning your internal WF plans and I want to give you a few hints:

1 Do not shut down / restart the sim between flights - if there is no need for it.
2 Always try to plan a take off 10 minutes before the normal time schedule - try to get the ATC clearance before non offical teams.
3 Be familiar with a two-pilot cockpit work (cockpit coordination)
4 Have a briefing for each arrival and departure procedures (check also the taxi charts before landing)
5 You fly the plane - and not the aircraft you fly ... always thinking one step ahead!
6 Be consistently ready for a go arround
7 Expect a lot of pilots on some legs (up to 70s)
8 Take more fuel (double taxi time + 1000kg), as written in your flight plan
9 Try to speak slowly understandable English with local ATC

and 10.  Enjoy the week, have fun - you will never forget this challenge in life!



HI Jan

Totally agree with your comments. I have for the last two years flown along with the Worldflight participants and had a great time. I found that although (with best intentions) STARS where in my and other fellow flyers flight plans, very rarely did we ever fly one! This was due to the high demand on controllers at the airport and trying to handle multiple incoming, all at the same time. Pretty much get somewhere close, then it was ATC vectors or into the hold.

I found the most handy procedure to practice was holding, as we all held at some point short of arrival. Quite spectacular looking out into the sky full of aircraft going round in circles a thousand feet apart! (especially at night)

I also found that turnaround times where quite quick, depending on crew changes etc, not that that effected me : )
I dont know anyone who shutdown/restarted between legs, other than the unfortunate who had sim crashes!

I wish the Guys well and i'm sure there will be lots of laughter throughout the event.

Wish i could be there : (




Looks like Haz-Mat suits are becoming standard wearing gear on the airlines these days, the wife just said she saw photos of people at airports with them on, and they were passengers...yikes!

Ebola-go away!


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