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Are there any flight sim meetups coming up in 2014?

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Just wondering if something is coming up in North America.

Trevor Hale:
Worldflight 2014 in November :)


--- Quote from: Trevor Hale on March 27, 2014, 01:00:49 PM ---Worldflight 2014 in November :)

--- End quote ---

Rest up, its a long week and you won't sleep :)

Sam Llorca:
And if you fall asleep Jskibo will wake you up with a six pack even tho is 2:00am, lol !!!

Can't wait!!
I will take a few days off this year so I can stick around longer. I won't have to drive 3 hrs to do 1.5hrs flying then 3 hrs back to make it to my anniversary date:)
Those patients can wait for their eyeglasses another day or so too!!!


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