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Author Topic: LJ45 Project for sale  (Read 1307 times)

Offline ETomlin

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LJ45 Project for sale
« on: May 02, 2014, 10:57:32 AM »
After much thought and deliberation I am at the point to where I am actively trying to sell my LJ45 project.

I have no plans at this time to discontinue making panels and parts. To keep a healthy balance between family and fun, I cannot currently build panels for everyone and start back up on the LJ45 and build it to the level of detail that I desire. Time for both is not on my side for the time being. So for now, I choose to continue making parts and panels for the community. Thankfully I do not need to have my LJ45 sim to continue supporting the project for others as my sim has been dismantled since Christmas 2012.

The following items are available. Contact me for details regarding prices that are not shown, etc.

[Special pricing for a MIP/Stand/LCD/Panel package] $4,000 OBO.

Includes the following panels with all AML21 switches, Honeywell toggles, 389 Lens Kit/LED, Knobs and FLS Front Panels, wired and ready for FDS interfacing:

Left Crew Light + Weight & Balance Panel w/Placard and knobs
Electrical Panel with knobs
Landing Gear/Hydraulic Panel with LG Handle Knob
Pressure Control Panel
Environmental/Right Crew Light Panel w/knobs
Aluminum MIP+Glare with high quality Riv-Nuts installed and under-glare lighting with cockpit microphone replica
MIP Stand/Throttle Stand
LCD monitors
Crew Warning Panel
RMUs (2) with internals ready for Pokeys interfacing
Knob Set from Vince for RMUs, DUs, EFIS DC and FGC
Standby Gauge Set (3)


Also have the following:

Center Pedestal

System Test Panel w/AML21s + 389 Lens Kit, LEDs + wired and ready
Engine Start Panel w/ all switches+ 389 Lens Kit, LEDs + wired and ready
Stick Shaker (2)
L45 Throttle Set ready to install in TQ stand (PnP)
Learjet Captain and FO Yokes with all switches
Learjet Manual Set- Pilot Manual + Flight Manual + Quick Reference Handbook

All of these items are priced approximately half of what they list for retail. All the panels will be supplied with new T-7 style front panels. If you already have front panels but no backers w/switches, we can work out  a deal.

No other pricing info will be given here. Contact me at or call me at 912.816.5330
Eric Tomlin
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