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Cockpit building and our wifes

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Hello everybody,

I create this post to discuss about the life of a cockpitbuilder and his wife.

Les talk about how to share our time between our family and ou passion.

How to do to keep your wife happy while constructing a cockpit ?

How to handle this situation and make your wife happy ?

Some ideas ?

I bought my wife a horse. she is happy, the horse is consuming a lot of her time and that gives me time to build my cockpit ;D


Ha!  real issues now... :P

All depends on your stage in life.
Obviously frictions appear when the Sim is competing with:

The amount of time and attention she deserves (deserves not wants  :laugh: )
The amount of financial ressources available to her/your family
The amount of square feet (meters) available at home.

These amount of XYZ will vary considerably during your life. Wisdom is to factor this into your building program,

All will boil down to your reactions vs her attitude which can go from shared enthousiam (1% chances max) to asking you to choose between her and the sim (extreme but real). Coaxing her into your passion if she is receptive is one very good way to deal with that.
Pretty sure we will see different opinions on the subject!

PS:I am at the late stage and do not have to deal with the issue default  :D !

Interesting points of view from both of you, many thanks.

I starter in January 2004 from scratch as before I flown with a joystick and a mouse

Today (August) I've a homemade MIP frame DST, a poldragonet overhead working at 90%, a real size pedestal (but only 1xVHF, 1xNAV and the XPNDR by the moment) and a home made 737 throttle wich is being motorized.

Well this takes some place in the garage but it takes almost all my free time to program, interface, do, redo, reredo, etc...

For me this is a habby as I like the 737 and I love solder, cutting, wiring, gluing, work with wood, shape, etc... well if you habe construct your cockpits yu know certainly what I'm talking about?

My wife has no hobbies, that a serious problem for me.

Is not a yoke but I don't know how exactly handle this situation.

I must the be the 1% guy or let's say likely the only one guy who is lucky enough to have a wife (a CB member known as Simlady) that totally supports me, as well as she is into sim building and RC planes herself. However, that is due to what she says I did, "I trained her well" to be a part of this.

In other words, I made sure she knew this was not just my thing and that I needed her help, plus I told her why. She got to use her strong points where I lacked them; for example, she likes putting small things together, so she did all the FDS annunciators in my MIP and Overhead. She knew without those items the sim wouldn't be a sim.

A lot of guys see the sim as their thing, a man's thing and/or rather leave their girlfriend or wife out of it thing, but what the guy's forget is YOU'RE ALREADY A TEAM! The two of you TEAMED up in a relationship, so everything must be a team thing. You're 1/2 as she is 1/2 and until you both realize this, everything will have some sort of issue between the two of you.

My suggestion is you "ask" your wife to help you. Plus, stop saying she has no hobbies, she likely does, but you just don't know them. Ask her what she liked to do before she married you, because she was once a girl who had ideas and dreams too...


Ps. ask your wife to become a member of Cockpit Builders website, so she can read and post her thoughts, like you're doing now.

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