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Cockpit building and our wifes

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--- Quote from: geneb on June 04, 2015, 01:00:08 PM ---The joke with mine was, "Strip clubs or flight simulators, dear.  You pick."  :D


--- End quote ---

Waoooo, well done, will try it

Well, the things have changed here, so my wife agree with me that our GARAGE will be my boeing 737 and no more autos inside, so I'll reengage the construction.

Will take and ACER short beam and a 160cm X 90cm wide projection screen to replace the 3x27" screens.

Congratulations, my wife and I decided 2 years ago to do the same. So now half of our double garage has become my flightroom and I am building my simulator there. Good solution!


We're planning something like your idea, half of the place is for my sim, will install a wall to separate both spaces.


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