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Cockpit building and our wifes

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Jon Boe:
An interesting topic…

In my case I had planned to build a real airplane after I retired.  However, after an honest assessment of my woodworking skills I decided that would result in a fast trip to the marble orchard.  So, when I got into building my B744 the wife was relieved that I had changed directions.  However, her interest in aviation is zero, she won’t fly in real airplanes anymore, even jumbos and gets airsick just looking into my sim when it’s running.  She refers to my simulator as that “pretend airplane in the basement” when talking with neighbors but is also in the thick of things socializing when they come over to fly it so go figure…

Anyway, the way I handled it was to give her equal access to the available funds.  If I buy three new projectors for $4500 she has $4500 to spend as well.  Fortunately, she doesn’t spend that much and quickly forgets how much I have invested in this hobby. 

And at least she knows where I am in the evenings.



I guess I have to say I am a lucky guy.

I started this hobby about 12 years ago.  Before I began I tried to explain to my wife what it was all about......She responded sort of incredulously ...The questions that got fired back were "You are going to build What? Where? What a waste of money!"

The thing is once I got into it she recognized my passion and observed that I was in the basement joyously soldering wires into the wee hours of the morning. She quickly came to some conclusions on the matter and came to accept it all.  She recognized that it was good therapy for me and perhaps more significantly concluded that it was better to have her husband safely locked away in the basement rather than him running around the neighborhood spending time in some bar or whatever. 

Although my wife is a very frugal person when it comes to money matters she has never once asked what any of the junk costs.  I think she is just afraid to know so she never brings the subject up.  I think she has also come to actually like the idea that my sim is now a fairly well-known curiosity attraction in our neighborhood.

Fred K

Balance of time and money I think is the key with our hobby. Don't mortgage the house and don't be a hermit locking yourself away. If you aren't doing any of these things and your wives/girlfriend is still unhappy, then I hazard to guess that this hobby isn't the problem.

Thinking of what I forgot earlier... I guess it helps that Karen's (Simlady) madien name is none other then...drum roll please :rock:


Yep, Karen M. Wing, so how could I go wrong with that? Now, it's Karen M. Combs, but the Wing in her really does make things fly perfectly for us.


simlady/ Karen:
 :angel:  Hi from John's other half.

As John stated above, we do make a good team, but I have also "trained" him along the way too. I started with model planes when I was younger but never had the desire to be a pilot. So when John started with the sim, years ago. I didn't think anything of it and let him run with the idea.

If I would have known back then, how just crazy this hobby would get, I would still have let John do it but I would have made him build me a "Tiny House" in our front yard. I would need a place to live later on, as his hobby has grown and Remote Control planes were added to the mix. Nothing like have the house shake and hearing him roll down the runway at 3 am on a week night.

As far as my involvement with the flying, I don't fly to much with him because I get motion sick too easy so, I bring him food and drinks and pop in from time to time. Maybe others wives would do the same for you as you flew. That way they can see you in "action" instead of just hearing about your trips. Just a thought.

If any of your wives what to contact me, I'll be more than happy to share what I have learned over the last 20 years of being the wife of a "Sim Nut." Ohhh the stories I could share...  ::)


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