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Trevor Hale:

It is my pleasure to officially announce our participation in Worldflight for 2014. 

The official name for the team is "Cockpitbuilders Worldflight Team USA". CALLSIGN: DELTA209 Departing on November 1st 2014 at 2300hrs (UTC) The Full Motion 737 Simulator of Sam Llorca will host 15 Crew for 7 Days making flights 24 hours a day. The purpose of this event is to raise money by flying around the world (virtually) for our local charity. Just as we did Last year we have again selected  the "All Children's Hospital" in St. Petersburg, Florida.

To find out more, Please visit for more details.

NOTE: This year we will do things a little Different.  If you would like to be a part of the flight CREW, you will be required to prove you have made a donation "BEFORE" your name will be added to the SCHED.  This will eliminate the issues we had last year with people cancelling after signing up.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  More information to follow over the next week.

Best regards,

Hi Trev -

I just made my donation to kick things off here.  How do we provide "proof" to you?  My transaction ID is 36715.

Regarding the website.....The "Countdown Clock" still shows WorldFlight 2013 with "0" hours to go on most tabs.  The only tab where it shows updated to 2014 is the "Media" tab.....however the countdown readout there is garbled.  Perhaps all that is still a work in progress on your part.

Fred K

If i book my flight for wednesday, then leaving that sunday (East coast local time) I should be ok?

Flight ops (read:"Wife") has cleared me for takeoff, so to speak, so i will again be in Sarasota FLA for the event.

REALLY looking forward to this!

And... How do we make donations?

Trevor Hale:
Fred and Ray.  Congrats on joining us.  I am still waiting to hear for the new link for donations this year.  The one on the site doesn't let anyone in the world send donations.  Only those in the USA.

Fred, you could email me your receipt if you would like. (PLEASE BLACK OUT ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IF YOU WOULD LIKE)

The New link should be available soon, that's why I didn't post it, as Bob is the Contact that deals with ACH. 

LOL As for the countdown clock..  I know it is a problem for me, I am fighting with it and it is winning :)

Trevor Hale:

The Countdown Clock issue has been corrected, YIPPEE.  I am going to create a NEW WF2014 Forum, and we can start the chatting.  I have already began to fill in the schedule.  Just need the updated Links for donations.

Best regards,



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