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Trevor Hale:

The International Donation page is up.  (CLICK HERE) I can't thank each and everyone of you enough for your generosity.  Please Even if you cannot attend, you can support our team by donating.  $5.00, $10.00, anything..  Remember 100% of your donations goes to our campaign to Support the All Childrens Hospital in St. Petersburg,   Florida.
If you need a reminder as to why we are doing this.  Please watch this video HERE

We Raised over $2,500.00 Last year, Lets see if we can make a new Record. 

Please Follow the instructions to ensure we get credit for the donations.

Trevor Hale:
Donations have started to come to me directly at work, (Some people prefer cash here) I will Bring that with me when I come.

Over $100 so far. More to come today and tomorrow I am sure.  (Some will likely donate on the website).


I know several of my contacts have already made donations in response to my email that I sent out yesterday.  However at least a couple of them did not follow the "honoree" instructions.  I have their names and in one case a copy of the actual transaction we can follow-up on that with ACH to be sure we get the credit.

On that subject we need to see if ACH can come up with a pre-filled-in donation form to be sure that we capture credit for all donations made.  I will contact Taylor on that.

PM me if anyone wants to plagerize my email explaining the event and requesting consideration of a donation.  I sent it out to about 50 of my friends, associates and family.  It is a very easy way to solicit donations.

Fred K

Hey Fred, would you mind sending me a copy of your email to plagerize?

Sam Llorca:
Send me a copy too Fred,  I want to send a few to my contacts.


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