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Trevor Hale:
Hey Guys, Got some Strange happenings, and I am wondering if someone can test something for me with the default King Air 350.


What happens though, is when I release the switch and the engine is already running

OFFSET 0892 Value = 0

The engine quits. 

Am I doing something wrong here, or can someone else help me with this.


Hi Trev,

if you interface with InterfaceIT make sure Offset 0892 is defined as SmallInt/ S16, that is 2 Byte length equals to short/ int16.
The value for Offset 0892, 2 Byte length is
0 = Starter OFF
1 = Starter ON, jumps automatically back to 0 when engine successfully started
2 = Generator ON
Switching this value when engine is running doesn't shut the engine!

Trevor Hale:
Thanks bud. I will double check that. I may try releasing the switch and having it switch to GEN if I can't solve this other ways.

I even have Pete stumped. :)

Have a great day

Trevor Hale:
Mr. R, Once again you have saved my Bacon....

Bud, You Nailed it!  I gather the Host.Send Value command I am writing is sending the value as a 32 bit message.  Thus overwriting x0894 (Combustion Flag) and killing the Engine.  As Pete Says, we must always respect the length, and in this case, clearly I am not.

I can't thank you enough for bringing this to my attention...

I will now walk away in shame :)

Bob Reed:
So how would the code look to fix this issue? Remember, I am using the same interface!  :P


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