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Trevor Hale:

Worldflight 2014 is only 17 Days away.  I know many of you are going to donate to this wonderful cause, however just haven't done it yet.  Please donate today and help change the lives of many children at "All Children's Hospital"  These kids are sick with illnesses that we wouldn't hesitate to help if they were members of our family.  All kids deserve to have a helping hand and I know more of us have the ability to help this wonderful Cause.  To date we have only secured $900.00 and we have a long way to go to even meet our last years goal of nearly $3,000.00
so please dip into your pockets and get off your wallets.  $5, $10, $100 or even more.  Please donate.

Don't Buy that Interface Card, or that Radio Gear, or even that TQ that is listed on Ebay....  Wait for the next month, and this month help support all of us as we try to make a difference for these kids.

Click HERE to Donate

Best regards,


Bob Reed:
Also remember all during the event you will be able to donate as well and we will be ruining live video streams again. Watch those as we will be doing some special things! 


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