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Flight Dispatch from Doug Snow

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Trevor Hale:
Hi Sam, or Bob.

Has anyone been in contact with Doug Snow to ensure we have everything we need for Dispatch of the flights? I have requested this form him, already, but just not sure if you have updated pfpx and received a list of contact instructions etc.  I beleive the dispatch will be a neat addition this year and I am looking forward to the added realism.


Sam Llorca:
Hi Trev,
Yes I'm in contact with him, he already send me the password and everything to get all the dispatch stuff ready, I want it to install it last Friday but when I tested Vpilot there is an issue with simconnect that still dragging me, I had it all installed and connecting without any issues, but when the sound guys log in and change their setting on the host pc is when my simmconect  settings when south, I don know if there is a complict between the programs because they both use simconnect.
If any one knows how to set up multiples simmconect clients please I need help.
I know that you place the xml file on the host and assign your port, IP, etc, and the .cfg file on the client pc and edit the settings, again, port, IP, etc. that's the way I have it, do I need to add anything else?
But yeah I have the dispatch info, wish we can install and be able to save them as a company route on our CDU's tho, I guess it would be to good to be true, right?

Trevor Hale:
Ok, thats awesome.  Just wanted to check, My mind is thinking about a million things trying to get ready for this thing, and I am just trying to clear my brain of some of it.

I can't really help you with the simconnect stuff, because I am FSX/P3d Dumb, and just learning myself.

Either way, I agree it is better that we use a different client for it as we do not want to mess with the sound stuff, and they had a Hell of a time getting that to connect.

Thanks Bud.

Sam Llorca:
Hey guys, simmconect issue is solved, Vpilot is set up and ready to go,also thanks to Douglas Snow we have our flights already on PFPX, dispatched and ready to go, thank you all for your time and effort to this event. Sam.

Have you guys publicly published a roster? I ask because I'm doing Indonesia Darwin Alice Springs in a UK sim. Just wondered who at CB will be doing those legs. In any case, I look forward to speaking with some of you online.



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