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Hi guys.

Are we going to have a similar audio interface as last year that uses aviation headsets?

Trevor Hale:
The short answer to this is....  Maybe :)  If all goes to plan the setup should be made better than last year.  However, if all doesn't go as well, we will have the same setup as last year.  With all that being said, I may have to leave that answer up to Sam.  But I would suggest you bring one with you if you want :)

The reason being is Sam has upgraded the audio system in the simulator, and is trying to have the company that did the work make the change to the headset intercom.  Depending on where they get with that project, that will determine what we end up using.  If they don;t have time to integrate the headsets, than we will revert to last years scenario.


Bob Reed:
Also Trevor's head set, one of the ones we used last year, is broken. So I think that leaves us with few options. If you have a set you may want to bring them.....

Trevor Hale:
I noticed in the sim phonics site something about a USB headset. Don't know if that's the style or if it will stay aviation style. I should send the ones I had at SAMs out for repair. I am sure it wouldn't be cheap to replace them.

They were nice and light and jet-like.

I will bring my Telex Airman headset that I brought last year.  They are lightweight, very comfortable and very reliable but block out only about two-thirds of the ambient volume noise in the cockpit.  Last year I had difficulty hearing through them in Sam's cockpit and reverted to using the full headphone types provided....The appropriate volume setting for these different types of headsets is not matched to start with, and Sam runs his overall cockpit volume a bit higher than what I am used to in my home cockpit.

Which raises an interesting question.....Does anyone know how to gauge what the accurate cockpit volume should be in the cockpit(decibels on full thrust takeoff roll, level cruising, etc.)?  For example,  to me things seem very quiet sitting in the front part of a large commercial jet aircraft, so that is what I am using as a subjective marker.  I would think that the cockpit would even be quieter than that, but I really do not know what the correct modeling is one way or the other.

Fred K


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