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Bob Reed:
Well the Boeing 737-800 is in the hangar and all her panels are back in place. She has had a thorough inspection and has a clean bill of health. The office has been prepped and printers filled with paper for printing out whatever paper work is needed. Pilots are packing their bags and getting ready to go. I will leave in several hours to help finish up all the prep. Dig into your wallet's and get ready to participate in the way that all of you can.. Donate to All Children's Hospital! I am going to try harder this year to keep you folks more informed to what is going on. Not always easy during an event like this but I will TRY! We will be running 3 streams live at all time and there will be live chat on those steams. We are looking to break last years total and we can only do this with all your help!

Sam Llorca:
Only a few more tweaking to do and we are flying, Get ready fellow pilots, By the way the Sarasota Fire Department visited our facility and inspected our facility, to our surprise we pass with flying colors, here is a picture of the Fire Marshall as he enter the building.

Thank you guys for your support!

The WFT2014 USA Team!

Trevor Hale:
OMG Does Brian ever look so cute and (BIG) Wow, Will Laura let me bring him home with me Ha ha ha ha

Bob Reed:
WOW!!! Has he grown!!! I can not believe it has been a year since I was there last.

...And remember kids..., DON'T PLAY WITH THE STICK SHAKER! :-)


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