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Worldflight Cockpit Procedures (Per KyleH)


Trevor Hale:
Hi Guys,

I have printed and laminated the cockpit procedures that Kyle sent out. (Unedited)

I will bring them with me to leave in the sim for reference.


Sam Llorca:
Guys, Guys, Guys,

I have a set of normal Checklist, original Boeing Operation Manual on the Sim, short and sweet, just because I don't feel like going through extensive long flow checklist, I personally don't think is necessary, you are welcome to use what you think it would work for you, but don't expect me to use them.  :2cw:

Trevor Hale:
Perhaps you missed the message Kyle sent. He just covered some basic points for us to look uniform in the cockpit with our procedures.

Hi Sam,

Check your PM's for the info I sent out. I specifically had a section on checklists and only using them as a 'check', not a 'do' list.
I am completely with you on the long form "checklist" that I see most simmers using. That's not the way its done in the real world and it drives me nuts.

Sam Llorca:
Hi Kyle,  I probably misinterpreted your post, I just hate them long procedures and checklist that by the time you take off the weather has changed, and not to mention to check the ATIS again, lol, cheers!


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