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Event update!

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Bob Reed:
We are just coming into Memphis now! We have managed to get out in the front and we seem to be not getting behind! This is great improvement over last year! The flight board at is up to date. Let us know how things are looking!

Well, it still not clear where are you now  :idiot:

According to the page you are still DEPARTING flight 1410:

1410   1   5       Seattle, USA   KSEA       12:10   7:10   KSLC   14:10   9:10   2:00   598   DEPARTING

while you just landed flight 1411:
1411   4   1       Salt Lake City, USA   KSLC       15:10   10:10   KMEM   18:00   13:00   2:50   1096   

1412   5   4       Memphis, USA   KMEM       18:50   13:50   KORD   20:30   15:30   1:40   427   

I still believe the idea to hang the flight number and actual Eastern time of departure on the back of FO seat is better.  ;)  :angel:

Trevor Hale:
Sorry that was my fault. I was flying. So I didn't get the route updated. I am doing it in two mins. I had to eat my lunch lol.

We will start posting the flight number.


Thanks Trevor! :)

BTW, any chance of getting also a live position like guys from  have?


Trevor Hale:
It's on our website. But you would have to look for us manually but it's on the worldflight page under media live map.

Or download VATMAP and you can do a search for DAL209



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