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Worldflight 2014 comes to a close

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Bob Reed:
Wow, where do I start? Worldflight 2014 has come to a close. Delta 209 sits cold and dark in her spot having a well deserved rest after her outstanding performance. Some have left and others head out over the next couple of days. I sit here at 5:10am not believing that it is all over. First off a huge thank you to all who donated to All Children's Hospital! I will have a total in the next couple days. And to the crew: Sam and Lora Llorca, What can be said? You folks are the best! You made this event what it is! I know you will say it is not you, but it is. Trevor, wow am I going to miss you over the next 12 months. Lets keep flying together virtually bud! Kyle, the last 2 flights... no words to describe it. (There are videos!) Fred, Ray, Logan, Mike, Craig, John, our new friend Joe. Pam and Tom for the meals they provided. I thought last year was good but we have set the bar. I have more to post and talk about but as I am a bundle of emotions right now I will stop. More to come........

Excellent effort all round by all the Worldflight teams!   I hope to have my beast ready to participate next year :)

Sam Llorca:
Yes, is hard to accept but WFT 2014 is history, great success, I had my doubts a couple of weeks before of having a fully functional sim but at the last minutes everything started falling into place, of course with the help of an amazing crew, can't thank them enough, THANK YOU GUYS!

My special thanks to Douglas Snow on his flight planning and dispatch, very well organized!

Thanks to all the crews, Bob, Trevor, Kyle (excellent pilot skill), Fred, Mike, Craig, Logan, Joe (excellent airline procedures instructor) Rey, Pam and Tom, Sthephens  and Dennis  (Simphonics)for an excellent work on the sound, hope I'm not missing anyone, WFT 2014 "GREAT SUCCESS!!!

Sam LLorca and family

Congrats to all those putting all those "BIS" miles in!

Great job, everyone.  Thanks for representing.  Wish I could have been there.


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