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Bob Reed:

--- Quote from: KyleH on November 24, 2014, 09:39:39 PM ---Who is KyleS?


--- End quote ---

Well you know him!  :o

Sam Llorca:
I tried to mass upload my pictures but I must be doing something wrong again, they don't upload, I say again because when I do something good my wife and friends always said, "your got lucky" but most of the time is "not like that, that's the wrong way of doing it", so I just keep trying until I get lucky! So if I get lucky you'll see my pictures.

Trevor Hale:
LOL Sam, Not sure how well the mass upload feature works.  It does seem to work when I do that from a direct server location, but as for a user, I am not too sure.
If you want to throw a couple in emails too me, I will get them installed into the Worldflight webpage.

Otherwise you can just add them as attachments to this thread.



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