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real 737 parts


Hi all I have finally unpacked the container all remaining parts now on the site

We are based in the UK Cambridge
the requests for eyebrows has been very high we have lost track of just who wanted a set we have sold one and the remaining one is now available first come.

We have still got lots of small parts that need putting up i will remind every one once I have finished. 

A quick thank you to Kenneth for prompt service and fair prices. I hope you can continue to source parts for us in the UK/Euro area. There are too many "ripoff" merchants at present.


I agree 100% with David!I bought my 2nd set of AFDS ;)
Thank you Kenneth :) ;

Kenneth, I was up for a set of eyebrows last month? Still got any?


sorry all I will try and get more eyebrow they seem to be in grate demand if i had 20 they would have all sold.

I have lots of little components just need time to list them all got 2 mikes out of the last cockpit never seen thees befor


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