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Good morning everyone and thank you for reading.

I work for a company that operates Let 410's We recently had a simulator installed that uses P3D as the sim software.

The sim consists of a Disused Let 410 Cockpit and has three Projectors that displays the image in a wrap around curved screen.

I have noticed that the Projector is mounted off centre to the right of the cockpit centreline by about 10 to 15 Centimetres. I have also noticed that the Centre off the screen is not aligned with the centre of the cockpit but aligns to the off centre centre projector.

This means that we need to use CTRL+SHIFT+BACKSPACE and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to move the view around so that whom ever is being tested has the correct view.

The installer is adamant that this is "normal" for this type of set-up but I am not convinced.
My layman mind tells me that the centre projector should be aligned with the centre of the cockpit and that it should not be necessary to alter the view in-game.

Your advise please

I just recently adjusted my 3-projector setup to move the "Point of view" to the left by about 18 inches, so the view looks correct from the pilot's perspective.

The 'perspective' is important here. Having the center of the projected image line up with the center of the cockpit will cause some pain in your neck and confuse your brain a little as the runway centerline during landing should appear right in front of the pilot and not on the screen centerpoint.

This is a known phenomenon with projector setups. Conversely, if the first officer is training, the view needs to be set up so the image favors the right side.

Ideally each projector should be aligned to the center of the screen it is projecting on.  Ideally each projector should be the identical distance from the screen assuming that the projectors are identical.

Most cockpit simmers that I know of have their curved screens concentric with the cockpit.  Some (like myself) have the screen setup offset so the center screen aligns more with the pilot's eye point.  This latter method completely eliminates the "crabbing" effect inherent with FSX and P3D from a pilot's perspective....the visual perspective is perfect across the full sweep of the screen.  However in that case the "crabbing" effect is exacerbated for the FO side.  My logic is that most times I fly alone and when I do have a guest I am the one that is usually in the FO seat.

So if by the "right side" you mean that the center projector is offset towards the FO side this really makes no logical sense....unless there are some field of view physical constraints with the projector placement.

Fred K

I set my projectors up so that the centre projector is inline with the centre of the cockpit. I then made the necessary changes in the view settings so that the runway centre line runs between the captains legs with absolutely no crabbing effect and saved that profile. I did the same for the F/O side and saved that as a separate profile.

This gives the advantage of being able to start the sim to favour the PIC. Starting the sim with a normal view setting is great for photos.

I am interested in this as I have a similar issue.
When you say you made the necessary changes to the view settings.. are you referring to "eyepoint" as my experience is changing this can put the runway between the captains (or F/O) legs when on the ground and taxing - but wont fix it when they are on final approach (say from 10 miles out).  On the final approach the runway still appears in the center of the projected image rather than in front of the PIC.

My only solution to solving both of these has been to rotate the view (approx 5 degrees) rather than moving the eyepoint within the cockpit.  If you are managing to do it without using the rotate option I would be really keen to try that as the crabbing effect for the "other" pilot is definitely an unwanted side effect.

I have a video I took the other night which around the 6 minute mark shows the position of the runway relative to the PIC and you can see it is still offset to the left of the center screen.



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