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Reserving flights today to KSRQ.

Arriving mid-afternoon Oct31

Depart mid-afternoon   Nov8

Sam Llorca:

I'm looking forward to it Sam! It'll be good to see you and the entire Delta-209 crew again.

I think this year I'm going to put together a set of ATC templates for radio comms. More than once, several pilots experience 'mic fright' (Me included) and it'll be good to get over that initial fear. It seems the most difficult communication is the initial one to Clearance Delivery, where you have to copy then read the clearance back. That tends to paralyze folks if they haven't practiced it repeatedly.

There's a flow to ATC comms.. hopefully I can help with that. I'll be posting my work in a separate WF2015 thread.

Flights, hotel room and car all booked!!

99 days and counting!

Less than 100 days  ;D

Looks like similar times to me Ray.

Sam Llorca:
Great Idea Ray, Sim is ready! only thing we need to fix this time is the communication between V-Pilot and the Sim, I believe is a Simconnect issue.


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