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Hey Everyone,

Karen and I have been really silent on CB since this past Spring, and likely some folks might've thought we left the hobby altogether. However, here we are just like before, coming back from one hobby and going to the other. We start doing the our RC Airplane hobby in April and go until late August or early September, and then we come back too our simulators.

Anyway, while starting this post/topic I got to thinking about the many postings concerning the location or placement of a builders' sim(s). Discussions about heating & cooling, electrical requirements, room size requirements, and so on are buried in all types of other subjects/posts, and finding them is random or done through the search engine, if you know what you're looking for. Rather then huntng for something that you might not know too ask, can we have a new Main Page topic that might be labeled "Simulator Placement Locations"?

Then, we can all place are conversations regarding such needs under that title. And, since it is one of the most important aspects of building a simulator...location, location, location...we can all help each other make better decisions prior too starting a project. In regards to that, I will add this as my first post under that title:

Simulator Building Should Be Your First Thought...

I will say that because my simulator building is now coming nearly 10 years after I got into this hobby! Yep, as of today, we will finally have a contractor build a 40'x66' shed with in floor heating/cooling. The ground work has started and it should be completed by October 1st. After that it'll be the big project of the winter...moving the simulator from the garage to the new shed. Hopefully, I can document it all and post those aspects of the simulator building that will help others make better decisions as too where their sim will be located.

Here is pic of a shed similar too what we're getting; same colors, but minus some of the big doors, the windows and the steeple on top:

Best Regards,


Nice John,
Just wish I had the space. Look forward to your postings.

bernard S:
my two cents bigger doors the wider the better   have the t shirt to prove small ( standard is not good ) 16ft and wider is :-)

Bob Reed:
Hey John. Good to know you are still alive and kicking! Look forward to following this and maybe a few phone conversations??? hint hint lol......

The more I think about it the more I like John's idea.  As I contemplate tearing my sim down again to move back to the US in less than a year, I realize it will be the third hangar for this sim, and the fifth hangar in general over my building career.

It sure would be nice to have a one stop shop for measurements, screen ideas, materials, etc


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