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Hey Bob and Trevor, so what do you think about this idea?


Check it out everyone, "Simulator Hangars" is your new forum area for all things too do with the location of your sim. Be it a specialized building, garage, shed, basement or spare bedroom please post here any questions or comments that you have.

The focus is to discuss the needs and requirements of locating your simulator; for example, electrical, heat and/or cooling, building sizes, building codes based on your area/city/state/country, and etc. You could include transportating of your simulator since it is a part of locating it; assuming, it's a real cockpit. Meaning, you should discuss how you got it there and/or moved into the placement location.

Please thank Trevor for setting this up, he is really supportive of our community...

Best Regards,


That's great John!

As I tear my sim down for packing, I'll take some "reverse-engineered"photos off the "hangar" to post

Hey Everyone,

Here are some pictures of the new hangar in progress. I thought we would have a webcam up, but the area between the hanger and garage is only 5 feet and I didn't want it knocked down by the building crew. So, Karen and I opted just too take pictures every other day. These are from this past weekend; they're attached.

You'll notice that there are no windows and only 2 walk-in doors. The one along the side is directly across from the garage access door. We're planning too have a brezzeway between the two doors, so that way I don't have to go outside in the snow during the winter months.


I want to be your neighbor!


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