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Congrats John

Well, it has been sometime since my last update, but I spent the whole night finally getting the main circuit breaker for the hanger wired. 22 outlets on 17 circuits all at 20amp each. Plus, the 100amp sub panel just for the simulators will have 24 circuits available at 20amp each. Never again will I have brown discolored power strips/block plugs or even melting...

We put a lot of fore thought into this and I am very happy too say I have more than enough this time around. As far as building a simulator, I really recommend that your power source and circuit ratings be the first thing you figure out.

Oh, funny story relating to this... This past week I was plugging my wheelchair into the charger for the night and it uses a stand alone charger box unit. So, I plugged in the chair cord end and the wall outlet side, but nothing came on. Usually, a power on light turns on the charger, but it was not on, even after unplugging/replugging both cords. Like any bad tech person, my first step was wiggle the cords and that got it working...uh, should I say SPARKS FLYING AND SMOKE EVERYWHERE working! Yeah, then with sparks hitting me I unplug the charger from the wall; however, MORE SPARKS, and then I realized the chair cord end is still able to get power back to the charger from the 24 volt batteries, causing the continued sparks. Thus, I unplugged the chair and no more sparks.

Sadly, could you imagine this being your simulator? To think that the circuit breaker in my house did not trip was a wake up. Without ARC fault circuit breakers, this type of thing can happen, but my house does not have ARC fault types, it's just the standard type breaker. Luckily, my simulators will be using ARC fault because I removed them from the garage and put them in the hanger, but now I really need to update my house circuit breakers. I just wish the prices would drop; the standards cost $5 each and the ARC fault ones are $40 each...then again, if my house burnt down I would've thought the higher amount for the breakers would've been cheaper, even more so that I usually charge my chair at night while Karen and I sleep, so I don't want too think about how much worse it could've been.

Almost forgot, the problem was with the charger cord between it and the chair. Over the years of use the friction holder for the cord, going into the charger side, pinched into the casing, which caused the wires to touch each other and short out. I fixed the cord and it works like new, even the charger glass fuse did not blowout, so that was good, but also bad at the same time.

Things like this is why I worry more about electrical issues over anything else or maybe it's just me who has a natural love from electricity...I guess it just wants to give me a big electrifying kiss!



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