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Hi all,

- does anybody in the community achieved good results using Immersive Calibration Pro NO CAM?
- willing to share these experiences?

As usual my space is limited and the sim is already built, that`s why the calibration process with CAM is not possible.
The size of the the projection screen is 184 radius and 170 hight. I use a three Beamer BenQ W1080 setting, the outer ones are overcrossed.
I used Immersive Pro for a while but not the workout wasn´t  precise enough, I had distorsion on the side, of course due small diameter. Now I want a most geometrically precise solution and  started to work again with Immersive Calibration Pro NO CAM. Software both is installed on C:  Main Directory and Network setting is established, the Print services software Bonjour is installed on both systems  and the client software is in connection with the rendering client on the FSX machine.

But unitil now I didn´t achieve any result. I get a more or less good result equal shown in page 28 in the tutorial. But when I start the single frustum mapping the result doesn´t look like the one on page 30! My one is distorted, shrunked and displaced to the left. Contrary to the tutorial I don´t see any red flagged control points during the whole process. Support from FlyElise-NG refers only to so called step-by-step tutorial (I doubt that it is one in its classical meaning).

Help would be appreciated

Bernhard (LSZH)

I just re calibrated my screen 2 days ago after installing a new video card.

I used a cross laser pointer, and a 6' ruler marked off in 8 equal segments. It turns out that the 6' ruler made the alignment process a LOT simpler. I basically divided my screen up into 16x8 points across a 12' diameter curved screen (only 2 projectors, no overlap)

For each column I simply moved the ruler to each column and aligned the 8 vertical points on the laser beam center on the column, horizontally aligned with marks on the ruler. It sounds imprecise but the end result turned out amazing.

Where the 2 projector images meet in the middle there's no overlap, and no gap, so the fluidity as you visually cross that boundary is pretty good.

It's tedious, but I think no more tedious than using the CAM function, or any other automated function. (Which I always found needed some tweaking after the fact) 


I do exactly the same way ; I drew the graduations corresponding to the grid on the edges of the screen.
75 euros for the laser and its support, don't hesitates, it is extremely efficient.

The problem you are having is with the frustrum mapping.  Sounds like you got the matrix alignment OK. Ensure that you have the column and rows numbered on all three views and overlapped correctly, I made that same mistake last week on an alignment.  Got same odd result you are seeing.
Turn on your frustrum display and ensure that it "looks" right. That is, the frustrum cones are equal on each projector.

Thanks so far for your recommendations and hints.
After some inital problems and a reinstallation and update of the software I calculated today the first multifrustum. The lateral distorison never come up.
Not bad! After first experiences I recommend not to stay to close on the pictures of  the step-by-step guide. Perhaps my beamer setting is not so perfect as shown and the red points over the colums  seem to be remnand of an older version. Never had to deal with them and didn´t needed them. Secondy keep an eye on equal distance of the column and move the points initially more in colums and do fine tuning with single point movements later. Don´t forget to save stages. inbetween. Tomorrow I will prepare Immersive Display Pro and import the multifrustum to FSX.


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