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Revsim TQ motorised usb driver


Hi I have a Revsim Motorised TQ that I have just purchased and having problems finding a driver to connect to prosim and fsx

I have tried using  cat III but can't get the LH throttle to go back

Has anyone got this program configure properly?

Please help




What model Revolution SP TQ is it?. (REVSIM)
Normally they use IO cards from from Opencockpits with
SIOC.  You also need a SIOC Script.



It is a usb 1.7 with one USB port

I have tried to use sioc but couldn't get it to connect to the sioc software

Well is not the USB version but the type of card and the SIOC Version that you use.
The cards must be configured according to certain parameters. They are picky about what USB slot you use. It is recommended that once they are configured, you do not change the slots, or otherwise the cards need to be configured again.
The problem with RevSim is that they made several versions. Mine, for example, uses two motor cards and one joystick card, and all need configuring. So it may be a slow process to get it gong but they are good TQ's. Their feel is excellent.
Make sure the cards are recognized by the hardware you are using before configuring them. Also, if you run the SIOC software in a client computer, other than the PC running FS or or Prepar3D, you must have  Wideclient installed and configured in the client computer, and the server  .dll in the Modules folder of the FS software for SIOC to communicate. And last, and maybe not least, depending on what suite you use to drive your Sim, be it ProSim, X-Plane or SimAvionics, they also have to be told that the TQ is there. So you see, it is not for the faint of heart. Brake everything in small tasks at a time, and work your way up.



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