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Wideview and Airport Lighting

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That is very odd.  I have never had any problems with lighting or weather not appearing on the clients.

It appears that there are data packets that are not being received by the clients.  You can check that in the WV config. Have you tried setting the network boost feature to "on" in the WV config in that regard?

The one thing I would strongly suggest though is that you use FS Global Real Weather for your weather.  FSGRW injects weather into the clients totally independent of WideView via a network bridge (in the WV weather settings you check no weather). Two reasons for that syncs weather perfectly across the clients and will also give you a noticeable boost in overall performance since WV is relieved of the weather burden.  It may help solve your problem if it is computer performance related. FSGRW is not expensive and is easy to setup and use.  You can quickly test this premise by just turning off the weather in the WV weather config to see if it helps with the lighting.  If it does help then keep the weather off and setup FSGRW for your weather.

If your problem is network related you might also try setting up a dual network configuration.  That is, install a second NIC card in each computer and set the IPs for it as  That is the way I have it...I tend to believe it gives me a little extra boost regarding data flow.  By all means ensure that you have your computers identified with static IP addresses no matter what.

Fred K


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