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Author Topic: SALE! Airbus A320 trainer, located near Gatwick UK  (Read 204 times)

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SALE! Airbus A320 trainer, located near Gatwick UK
« on: March 21, 2019, 09:35:58 PM »

Essentially a custom made version of this( ). Measurements and construction based on photos taken during a visit to a real airbus a320 cockpit with a ruler. This is not fully plug and play (but which home builds are) it is certainly flyable and routes can be programmed. It ‘feels real’.

Deliverables: (Everything in the photos)

Overhead -  mixture of opencockpit panels, korrys push button switches and more. Housed in an accurate and robust case.

Main instrument panel- again custom built, with opencockpit autopilot panels with hardware, and skalarki panels, includes 1 x 17" high quality lcd screen (DVI, 1920 x 1200), and 1 x 7. 1 x 21.5" high quality lcd screen (VGA, 1920 x 1080). All covered in faux leather.

Upper pedestal- mixture of skilarki, opencockpits and CH throttle systems, all in a custom case.

Lower pedestal- all skalarki panels in an accurate case.

Sidestick panel -

All Power Supplies, USB HUB's and all cables included.

Extras supplied: accurate Airbus RAL 7031 paint, screws, Hexa bolts, usb io cards from Leo bodnar + cables for the soldering jobs above. Spare joystick and glareshield panel for FO side. - you could certainly extend it to a full size simulator. I have intentionally left the end of the autopilot panels on the FO side open for this at a later stage. Also included is fs2004 with Airbus software and uk photo scenery if you do not like fsx. Speakers, subwoofer (i haven’t figured out how to connect the sub yet, but the added vibration would certainly make it more real), headset for Vatsim flying, and finally Bungee Clips for a projector screen.


The simulator runs on windows vista. It has one dell computer (supplied) with three outputs. I have connected as follows: 1. PFD 2. Ecam and standby instruments 3. MCDU or projector (supplied) for forward visuals.The computer runs FSX, Wilco airbus evolution software.

The are over 10 usb devices connected with a usb powered hub. Flight controls: sidestick, CH rudder pedals and CH throttle electronics inside an Airbus style throttle housing.

Three outputs is a suggested maximum outputs per computer so suggest using a 2nd computer (not supplied) for more. I will supply a netgear ethernet switch / router as this was my eventual goal.


Working from the top down, the overhead has working korry switches from opencockpits (, note the price ! ) (lit but not connected to the pc- but can be, you just need to solder them to the io cards( supplied) - just takes time.

It has working switches for lights and seat belts etc (connected to the pc). It is backlit and can be dimmed. It is designed to be hung from the ceiling and the projector can be put on top of it to project forward.

Main instrument panel: contains a backlit autopilot, (not connected). It requires soldering to Interface usb cards (3 supplied with cables cut but in place, so you can follow what needs to be reconnected). It has most buttons, switches and dial switches already seated. The Skilarki brake panel is integrated,  ( an opencockpit backlit brake pressure gauge. Gear lever included but not connected. Accurate downlighters light the MIP at night. It also has a working sliding table.

Upper pedestal includes: like almost new skilarki MCDU, (, opencockpits radio, radio control, lights, weather panel, all backlit dummy’s.It also includes a skilarki ecam actions panel ( backlit starter panel, decals for all items on the First officers side except a backlit FO light panel from opencockpits. Custom made throttles.

Lower pedestal: is the set from skilarki here( on a accurately made and painted (the Airbus paint RAL7031) custom pedestal.

Capt Sidestick panel: custom made including carefully chosen joystick as I have been told was the most accurate for the real aircraft.


You are welcome to arrange a viewing by PM. The simulator is based near Gatwick airport, Sussex, UK. You will need a car.

Collection or Shipping:

Should fit in any normal sedan car with seats down. However using a van is advised. I am able to put on a pallet and organise shipping if required at additional cost, but I am not responsible for any damage in transit. Collection in person is preferred I will provide as much bubble wrap as I can. It was designed in a modular way, this is a big plus as can be separated for transport. No forklift required.


This has taken over 5 years of planning and buying equipment, months of building, configuring and I believe could certainly be considered a ‘pseudo’ cockpit trainer.

I am looking for a reasonable offer given the price of something like this off the shelf. It is sold as seen, no returns- I will of course volunteer advice to whoever buys it regarding reconnecting, software etc as a gesture of goodwill.

Happy to answer any questions via here or via PM. I will also put on other sites in due course but wanted to make it available to the good folk here first.

Regrettable sale as I simply do not have the space in my garage anymore ( but you can probably tell that from the photos ! :) )

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