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Wanted to start a thread where links to good places to buy special items can be put and added to by everyone.    Only links should and item descriptions should be posted here.

Cheap but excellent LED Source:

Source for warm white LED strips (I believe this is where I got my warm white strips for my under glare lighting):

LED Dimmer - Not exactly where I bought but this is the unit but this is the one.  Lots of sellers on ebay for cheap.  I use about 4 of these:

Excellent Source for LCDs - THis is where I purchased a 10.4 for my 737 lower MFD

Source for FDS IBL Dimmers (Motor Controllers) -

Good source for different color and guage wiring-

Excellent source for real 727 and 737 parts (email Capt. Nick)

This is a super excellent idea. It would be nice to make this post a sticky so it is always quickly available.

Thanks for posting your sources. Will be adding some soon as well.


Ricardo Carvalho:
Excelent idea!!

If anyone needs long DVI-D cables (or other cables), here is a very good seller on e-bay with reasonable prices. I bought 25' cables from him and I am very happy with them.


Aerosim Solutions: for Custom Order!!!



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