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Just an update here - the ATR lookin good - the first batch of software (for 1/2 the overhead and the TQ all working and been tested on my EGHI - EGPH - EGHI flights and no issues. HAve built the next breakout cable so now down to the next 20. The software for the captains panel coming together - just the RMI to do now. have flown using Roberto's atr gauges but as I needed to add some features and I understood he didn't want then reverse engineered - I got down to learning gauge composer and got them done. The centre panel (engines and standby instruments plus some additions such as flaps indicator etc all finished and look good. Got them working ok from second computer with fswide etc. Must say- am really thrilled with the cpu hits using main cpu on FS + out of the window view + captains panel (mon 2) and machine 2 on Centre console and FSCommander + Opencockpits kit - I reckon its about time to start cutting up wood !!!!! - am going to build the captains side and centre console + pedestal and overhead only. leaving out the co-pilot for now

I've had to delay my build due to doing decorating and clearing out loads of stuff from my home. I'm a serious clutterbug and if I want to build a decent sim I really need to get rid of 90% of my junk. Problem is I know that when I get rid of it I'm going to need whatever I chucked. I think I'm getting to be a bit of a hoarder...

Sounds like you are really moving on with your build Mike. My order got delayed because part of my order got missed (the EFIS panels either side of the CDU on the pedestal). Easy mistake with all the changes that was going on plus Ruscool having aftershocks still. Personally I'm glad I don't live in Christchurch... Some of the people there are moving away because of it... So waiting a few days extra isn't that much of a hassle in comparison.


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