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'ere chaps, dont know if this is any good to you, but i thought i'd ask


Tks for the thought - John passed this to me a short while ago - V useful Doc - but size is like the Flight1 ATR manual - plenty of bedtime reading !!

Cool thing about the FCOM is that it includes a lot of extra bits that the Flight 1 manual leaves out. Great for background information.

My problem is I'm an info junkie... the more I can get the more I can put into the design of the sim.

Oh and Mikeh, CD's are in the post.

cd's received - great - shows a lot I was looking for
do you wish them back - I can copy the simpit ones and return

Oops... Only just found this post.

Nah, I've got them all copied so I don't need them back. Pass them onto any other ATR 72 fan.

You are right in the fact that they show a lot of info that you are looking for. They have helped me a lot.


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