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Hi everyone!

Here are a few pictures of my Instrument Panel based on the Cessna Citation Mustang.

I’ve been building for a year or so now…still have a lot to do though (oddly enough, the list seems to be getting bigger!)

Looking forward to sharing tips and ideas with you all.


Superb, thank you for joining and posting.
Modern aircrafts including this one ,or the 787 shown on aother post, are so much easier for the builders. Then you realize how the 73, even NG, has a "clumsy" design. Things were added over the years, here and there, different sizes, not aligned, (top and low mid DU ) etc

Great airplane Will. Neat work.

Hello Jack
Yes, one of the reasons I chose the Mustang is it’s simplistic design - no overhead panel or huge centre pedestel to worry about - just an MIP, switch panel and throttle quadrant…although it does have its fair share of buttons and switches to wire up!

ps. Having just viewed my previous post, I realise the jpegs are far too big.
Here they are again in a more email friendly size -

Bob Reed:
Hello Will a and welcome. Nice job! What software are you using for the avionics? And how do you like 2 lcds for out front view? I had 2 42" plasma screens for my 73 and loved it right up until approach. Thats when the FS eye view problem would show up. The runway is right where the 2 screens come together so on approach you can not see the runway........ Or have you found a way around that?

Hello Will,

Really nice  . . . good to see another small  jet project!  We are kind of an oddity in flight sim building.  Looking forward to seeing more of your build as you progress.        :idiot: 


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