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TapaTalk for forums?

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I was wondering if you currently have a TapaTalk plugin working with the website ? I have done a search but your website doesn't show on the search page? It's free for forum owners, and makes browsing forum websites so much easier. Avsim has it done, and a few other forums in the simulation sector.


Trevor Hale:
I will look into this as an option and report back. If it makes things easier for the users here I would be happy to add it.


Thank you Trevor.

Trevor Hale:
From the TAPATALK Admins....

--- Quote --- Hi,

I would like to announce that Tapatalk SMF support will be available in end of Feb / early March time-frame. We are excited to join this community and hopefully we will get it done ahead of time.

Currently Tapatalk app runs on Android, iPhone and Nokia, and by the time we finish SMF support, the BlackBerry version should be ready too.

Check us out at

Let us know if you have any question and we are happy to answer. Cheers!
--- End quote ---

Hi Trev, thanks for taking the time to post that. I thought that SMF was  supported. So it's early FEB/March 2012 then. Have you tried it out your self on your phone and browse the likes of AVSIM etc?


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