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3 24inch monitors or 3 27 inch monitors?

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Hi I am Nathan and I a looking for help with visual monitors. Should I go with 3 24inch monitors or 3 27 inch monitors?

Also do you think about taking screens out of the bezels and making a bezel that won't have the big spaces between monitors?

Hi Nathan

Welcome aboard, and glad you joined the finest crew. :laugh:

I would tend to say that the bigger the better,
Are you on a desktop or full size cockpit.?
If full size Mip I would go for 3  Flat screen TVs. They are now affordable if not cheap.
If you want to start with one only, my own experience is that one huge single front view, zoomed out at 60% is way better for immersion than 3 small screens.
But if you are on desktop 3 big monitors would do a nice job.
Of course the black borders should be as minimized as  possible wether Monitors or TVs
The subject of Projectors vs 3 TV has been debated here (search)

Bob Reed:
As Jack has stated the brain will very quickly "zone" out the frames. And I also agree the bigger the better. Never enough visual real estate.

Agree with the above comments.
The bigger the better.

I used to have 3 x 20" TFT:s hooked up to a Matrox Triple-Head Digital.
Very crisp and nice picture that covered the whole MIP width.

But, I changed those to one BenQ short throw beamer and have now a HUGE 2.10 meter wide front view.
The beamers do not have that good resolution (1280x800), you do not notice that when flying, but you do notice the giant front view instead.  Likewise pixellation is a non-problem - if you look intensively you can see the pixels, but they do not disturb you.

Never regretted the switch for one second, and also it is a lot "frame rate" friendlier without the Matrox.   ;D


Thank You That awnser my question. It's funny that all I read on the matrox triplehead 2go I never see a framerate loss. That to me is a big problem from the resolution.

So the big question is should I get a 720p or a 1080p projector? A short throw for sure.

Thank You Nathan


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