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Has the site been down?

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Boeing Skunk Works:
This is the first time in three days that I've been able to load the site. Everytime I tried to load the site for the preceeding three days I got an error that said the site could not be found.

Today it loaded like nother ever happened. I e-mailed Ian and Maurice but never heard back from them.

Anything going on with the site?

The guys are still trying to repair everything after an exploit was found on the server some time back. Your right the site was down, and also hasn't been running well for the last 2 weeks or more (very slow, no email notifications etc etc)

Trevor Hale:
Frankly guys it's been a real kick in the ass. We are trying but it is a slow go. Hopefully soon it will be back to 100%.


Bob Reed:
Email notifications are fixed.

Tyler Reed:
Yea, the email problem was my bad, i forgot to setup the email correctly when setting up the new server for
Also, i fixed the live chat tonight as well, so **everything** should be back to fully working.


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