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Trevor Hale:

--- Quote from: Gypsy31 on February 16, 2018, 11:17:59 AM ---

Hello all, new member here. My name is Bill and I'm located in the U.S. (southern Indiana).  I've been simming since the early 90s, with MS4 and have had every release since.  Currently I'm using P3D.  I started building in 2009 with an Akers-Barnes simpit.  Since then I've been building and modifying to replicate the F-14B cockpit.


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Welcome Bill, great to have you here.


Hello all. My name is Aaron. I'm from Illinois, US. I've been on and off into sims since the stick figure days. I'm currently on P3D v4 with a 2 computer setup with the server as cockpit with 5 touchscreen monitors for multiple airplanes and the client with 3 projectors with a THTGo for my visuals. I am almost finished with ground school towards getting my PPL.


Trevor Hale:
Welcome to the group Aaron.  Nice to see you here.  Love to see some pictures, Start a new thread when you get time and showcase your build. 


Hello all,
my name’s Michael, I'm 35 and I'm based in Warsaw, Poland.
I've been flying as a private pilot on a C152, C172 and a DA20 for 6 years now. In February, this year I completed my ATPL theoretical exams and now I'm doing all the practical training to get my CPL. Currently I'm doing the instrument rating. Just finished the 35h simulator part and I'm on to doing the 15h on a piper arrow PA28. Hoping to get it all done by mid 2019 and get a job in aviation.
In my short experience as a pilot I realized that a home simulator is a great means to improving your knowledge and practice the so-called "muscle memory" for the devices your using on board a real plane. Thus, my goal is to make my home cockpit’s functionality as realistic as possible to the real thing.
Hopefully with your help I'll be able to achieve that goal.


Trevor Hale:
Welcome to the Group Mike,
Always nice to have another Pilot in training here, We all get to benefit from that and hear your stories.
Great stuff.


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